Hi, my name is Emilie, I'm 25 years old. I suck at describing myself and have difficulties opening up but this tumblr is the one place where I feel free to be myself.
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This broke my heart. 

#what gets me #what fucking gets me with this little scene here #is that scott is completely changing what it means to be an alpha #we saw derek who means well but who was a complete hard ass toward his betas #and deucalion who punished his pack with pain #and peter who cared about nothing but himself and his power #and then we have scott mccall #who will die for his pack in a heartbeat #who tells his new beta that hes not a monster and that he should be proud of who he is #not afraid #and when someone in his pack is hurting #he gives them a fucking hug #and he does all of this while still staying strong and kicking ass every god damn time #and that is why scott mccall is the best and most respected alpha #because he gets the job done while still letting everybody know that his humanity and his humility and his compassion will never leave him

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1985 | 2014

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Title:Groot Spores
Artist: Tyler Bates
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Groot Spores (score) - Guardians of the Galaxy

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Haven Cast ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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